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Consultant to Full-Time

Director of Real Estate Marketing

Locations: Remote US-Base

The Director of Real Estate Marketing will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our real estate business. They will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic marketing initiatives to attract new clients, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. This individual will work closely with the sales team to ensure that marketing efforts align with business objectives and contribute to overall growth and success.

  • Manage & oversee the growth of our Real Estate Marketing Team.
  • Growing Relationships/Partnerships with Banks, Lending/Loans Companies, Investors, Investment Groups, The Government and Other Businesses.
  • Work with the other Presidents, VPs and Directors.
  • Work with our Directors & Teams and help us grow our business.
  • Help schedule events for our company.
  • Work with our M&A, Real Estate and Government Relations Departments to help raise funds for our Projects.
  • Help us build our Marketing internship program in our State.
  • Must have a degree in Marketing & Real Estate or Law. (Or work as a director or in an Ownership role!!)
  • Have 10+ years of Experience working in Marketing & Real Estate!!
  • Must Live in the USA.
  • Must be able to Travel.
  • Must know how to use Marketing, Real Estate, Financial & Legal “Software Tools”.
  • Must have connections with Real Estate Agencies/Agents, Investors, and Investment groups
  • Must have Leadership skills.
SALARY: Negotiable
Plus, Lifetime Royalties & Stock opportunities



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